These (New York) blokes are not holding back was bullshit

//These (New York) blokes are not holding back was bullshit

These (New York) blokes are not holding back was bullshit

Doesnt take much to see why that might lead to conflict, no?As for destroying shipments, I like to suggest two major changes to the game mechanics:Destroying it doesnt actually destroy it but puts it back to storage. Reason: People are more likely to try selling in public when they wont have to risk hours of work.If one destroyed a shipment, he wont see any other shipment icons (the big red ones) for the next 20 minutes. Reason: The red blinking Icon often indicates a easy target, and I like to hinder the assholes from simply going around after those, especially when the upper rule would spur sales in public.Ventoriffic 2 points submitted 22 days agoHomie, you need to get the upgrades in your bunker and nightclub.

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