Sometimes the photo is real, but the story around it is not

//Sometimes the photo is real, but the story around it is not

Sometimes the photo is real, but the story around it is not

1 point submitted 5 hours ago_Frustr8d() YOU CAN STOP ME 2 points submitted 8 hours agoIt exactly what the devs said it was supposed to be. It a melee brusier elementalist with high toughness, mobility, sustain, and barrier.Tempest is a support spec, Weaver is a brusier PvP spec, and if the next spec doesn do more damage than the previous two than it will be pointless and we have Berserker v2.Weaver has literally 3 traits associated with doing damage, and the random damage modifier you get with Swiftness feels totally tacked on last minute and I wouldn be surprised if that was removed down the line. The rest of the traits have to do with survivability.

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