If you don like the Constitution or individual liberty

//If you don like the Constitution or individual liberty

If you don like the Constitution or individual liberty

Impaired Driving Checkpoint Planned For Oklahoma County This Weekend

This checkpoint may also be a trap for those who canada goose outlet jackets do not have a valid license and insurance. In Mississippi they would do checkpoints on canada goose parka uk the “back highways” from time to time. Easy way to catch folks in that regards. Broad daylight so drunk driving wasn the focus. Usually set up shop around say 1pm and end canada goose outlet florida at 4pm to avoid slowing down the highway too much. Especially the insurance. Help the rest of us out.It one thing to require it of someone already convicted of DUI; it quite another to require it of millions who canada goose outlet online uk have never done anything canada goose discount uk to warrant the stripping of their rights in the name of “safety and security.”Those who would give up essential canada goose sale uk Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety. Ben FranklinFor the record, as someone who has been permanently affected with serious physical canada goose clothing uk injury and disability because of a drunk driver, I fully support harsh penalties for drunk driving. They canada goose outlet usa just have to blow into a breathalyzer before doing so. By canada goose outlet houston that logic, requiring a license to drive would also be stripping away their rights. Also, don they say driving is a privilege, not a right? There are many different rules and regs regarding safety. Is a https://www.canadagooseparkasoutlet.ca speed limit stripping away my right to drive fast?Additionally, how does the 4th amendment apply to requiring a breathalyzer in all vehicles? There is no search or seizure involved. I don understand what you getting canada goose jacket outlet store at. You answered your own question.That without even getting into the rest of the Bill of Rights. like the 5th, 6th, and 7th Amendments not having to testify against oneself, speedy trial, due process. And another.If you don like the Constitution or individual liberty, that fine the First Amendment gives you the absolute right to clearly state your opinions on that subject.But this particular debate is, specifically, regarding the idea of requiring people who have canada goose outlet vancouver committed no crime and who are under no suspicion of having committed any crime to submit to the penalty of having committed a specific crime to wit, a specific type of search of their person before they can utilize property that they (not the state) have ownership of.What you are directly and specifically suggesting is a violation not only of their natural rights which are enumerated in, but not granted by, the Constitution of the United States of America, but their human rights as expressed by the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Neither canada goose outlet in toronto of these documents grant rights; both documents canada goose outlet 2015 establish a canada goose outlet shop guarantee via federal and international law that those natural and human rights will be protected and preserved. I not trying to “move the goalposts”, distract, or manipulate. Canada Goose Outlet My original statement was made to suggest that requiring breathalyzers in all vehicles would eliminate drunk driving. canada goose jacket outlet sale That all. You seem to think that it infringes upon individual liberties. And you may be right. I not an expert on the constitution. I just trying to understand why one law is acceptable, but the other is not. When the canada goose outlet las vegas automobile was first invented, they didn include seatbelts. And after a canada goose jacket outlet uk quick google search, I canada goose outlet black friday found out that seatbelts weren canada goose outlet sale even around until the 50s. In 1966, the National Traffic and Motor Safety Act was passed in an effort to increase safety while on the road. Up until 1997, it was not illegal to drive while not wearing a seatbelt in Oklahoma. A group of lawmakers got together and passed legislation which made it illegal in order to reduce fatalities. How would it be any different for a group of canada goose outlet store new york lawmakers (in order to reduce fatalities and make roadways safer) to pass legislation which made it illegal to operate a vehicle without a breathalyzer? Seriously, what the difference.

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