I love to have 650 stores rather than 65 stores but the

//I love to have 650 stores rather than 65 stores but the

I love to have 650 stores rather than 65 stores but the

oaktree seeks debt for potential onduline buyout

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moncler outlet online Speaking at a Reuters Africa Investment Summit in Johannesburg, the company head of international operations, Paula Disberry, said expansion into the fast Moncler Outlet growing continent could be faster if there were more shopping malls.biggest challenge we see is finding good shopping malls. I love to have 650 stores rather than 65 stores but the locations simply don exist and that our biggest inhibiter, Disberry said.in the most developed markets like Kenya, for example, formal retail is still only 40 percent of the retail market place.Disberry said Woolworths was still very much committed to growing in sub Saharan Africa after pulling the plug on its Nigerian business moncler outlet sale last year and announcing a $2 billion Australian expansion this week.is no limit put on me in terms of how much I can spend in Africa. We just got to find stuff that going to make us money in the long term discount moncler jackets for us to buy but there are few fashion retailers in Africa, she said.The Australian deal comes months after it pulling out of Nigeria, which surpassed South Africa as Africa biggest economy on Sunday, citing high rents and duties as well as difficulty in marketing its products to consumers.Disberry said Woolworths would not think twice about returning to the west African country if what she called of the miracles happened including lower duties, less port congestion and reasonable mall rentals moncler outlet online.

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