Gazprom has said it could buy into TNK BP if a proposal was

//Gazprom has said it could buy into TNK BP if a proposal was

Gazprom has said it could buy into TNK BP if a proposal was

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moncler outlet online In this file photo BP Chief Executive John Browne speaks discount moncler jackets to journalists during a news conference in Moscow, September 12, 2003. The current and future heads of oil major BP will meet Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday, a BP spokesman said, amid a new wave of speculation about the future of BP’s Russian joint venture. REUTERS/Sergei KarpukhinBP chief executive John Browne will meet Putin at the Kremlin and introduce him to his successor, Tony Hayward, BP spokesman Vladimir Buyanov said on Wednesday.Gazprom has said it could buy into TNK BP if a proposal was moncler outlet store made, while TNK BP, BP and the Russian shareholders have repeatedly denied they moncler usa wanted to sell out.feel it necessary to explain again that all speculation about a possible change of TNK BP shareholding structure is not true, TNK BP chief executive Robert Dudley said in a statement on Tuesday.Russia threatened to revoke the Kovykta licence in May, and industry analysts have said the move may be part of an attempt by the Kremlin to force the Russians out of the venture.Dudley said TNK BP possible partnership on Kovykta with Gazprom was not linked to the future of TNK BP itself.. moncler outlet online

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