For you specifically though I feel this 3rd one could help

//For you specifically though I feel this 3rd one could help

For you specifically though I feel this 3rd one could help

Criticism also jolts us out of our slumber and complacency. It constantly keeps us on our toes and doesn’t let inertia set in. So, instead of getting perturbed by criticism, accept it gracefully. You can fit into small spaces, blankets are never too small, you don’t have to ever bend down when everyone else has to, your bed always is like 2x bigger and cozier, you can fit more clothes into a suitcase, your feet never hang off your couch when you’re laying down, airplane seats are never an issue, you can fit your hands in small spaces to get things you dropped (such as the cracks in between car seats), chairs are usually more comfortable because you have lots of room, and a million more reasons that I’m too lazy to type. With no exp in sports (i even never visited PE lessons at school cuz of health problems and as a software develoer i spend all days sitting on a chair) and i was able to lift 35kg (without arching). My trainer said it a good start result for a female, so i was kinda happy/proud of it so he said me not to be so happy, cuz it is just my genetics advantage, like “it is nothing special, you are just short, you have short lever, it is just easier to you than to others, especialy to those how are tall”.And i mean it is not an absolute winning point here, but it is a good starting advantage.And btw, a bench is the ONLY device in a gym, with which i absolutely don have any problems, it sutes be idealy.

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