Out of these, only one runs (a pirated version of) Windows; the

//Out of these, only one runs (a pirated version of) Windows; the

Out of these, only one runs (a pirated version of) Windows; the

Is anyone using a pirated copy of windows 7 or 8

I use Windows 8, but I broke down and bought a key canada goose outlet jackets when Microsoft was selling them for $15.You can get an ISO of 7 Ultimate from here which is a link to official download links for Win7. You install, don put in canada goose outlet store toronto a key, and use canada goose outlet belgium “Daz Loader,” from here.If you want to install from USB canada goose outlet store montreal instead of from DVD you use this tool to make a bootable thumb drive.Daz loader is undetectable by Microsoft, and you can install all the updates to Windows 7 with it.There canada goose outlet buffalo is canada goose outlet store quebec no current permanent activation method for Windows 8, so if you wanted that you need to reactivate it every 30 90 days. canada goose outlet winnipeg address It a huge pain in the dick, so if you want 8 (it basically just seven with MSE installed by default and a shitty UI that you can fix with two programs) just wait for MS to have it on sale again.It 100% malware free and works great. Windows Update works perfectly, because Windows thinks it was genuinely activated.The only bad thing about it is that it doesn work with new partition tables (GPT).But the advantages of GPT are not really world changing, so you can definitely live with that.If you don want to, you can always hunt down a Enterprise Win7 key, that is still https://www.arconserve.ca activatable with a phone call. I tried canada goose outlet vancouver that on a Laptop and it also working great. The problem is finding a key, that still works. I found one from some canada goose outlet in toronto american university (but that was 2 years ago).Now that I have access to Dreamspark, I canada goose outlet orlando use a canada goose outlet website legit legit Windows. At the moment, I got one gaming desktop machine, a work laptop, two home laptops and a canada goose outlet canada HTPC.Out of these, only one runs (a pirated version of) Windows; the gaming desktop. The rest runs Ubuntu, a Linux based operating system. The reason is simple, most games canada goose outlet store uk runs exclusively canada goose outlet london uk on Windows which kind canada goose outlet vip of forces me to use it or give up gaming. canada goose outlet real I found that compared to Windows, it rock solid, unaffected by malware, a lot simpler to work with, and free. The desktop distributions were shaky as hell, and it took me a good deal of effort to get it to the point of usability.I think they come a long way since, though. My most recent Ubuntu canada goose outlet shop installation almost passed canada goose outlet in usa the girlfriend test: she started out with a blank laptop and a USB stick, the installation went smoothly, but she had to come and ask me for help when it was time to install software. But I will use KDE, because I simply loved it, back when I was still using Kubuntu. (It was also 2006 and I didn like gnome. I have a Ubuntu VM with Unity and I not a huge fan of it)The most annoying thing back then, was getting it to use the right resolution. I was still using a CRT monitor (21 inch Samsung, that was high end when it was new) and Kubuntu didn recognize it and didn know what resolutions are supported. I somehow got it to work, but every now and then there was an update or something that broke my configuration and I just got annoyed with it. When Win7 came out, I just installed that and I been using it since then.Both pirated Windows versions work perfectly. I get updates for them and security packs work fine. If you worried about TPB ISOs being infected, just download the ISOs directly from MS.For Win7, I used a loader by Orbit30. Others recommend loaders by DAZ, and Canada Goose Outlet I understand that works great too. The Orbit30 loader allowed me to change canada goose outlet location startup and shutdown screens as well.For Win8, I recommend using KMSpico or KMSnano. You may need to re activate after 6 canada goose outlet in canada months using these, but that not such a big deal. This activator will also activate MS Office 2013 at the same time (which can then also receive all the available updates).

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