And you feel decent doing that? Unbelievable

//And you feel decent doing that? Unbelievable

And you feel decent doing that? Unbelievable

Golden State Warriors 0

GS has 3 HOF players, not 4. Draymond is fucking garbage as a player and person and won even come close to the HOF.Wait until he gets traded to a team that doesn canada goose uk site make life incredibly simple for canada goose outlet hong kong him and watch his attitude get adjusted and his stats go downhill. TBH I don even understand why he gets to do post game interviews.EDIT Draymond lifetime stats are 9/7/4, low basketball IQ and you think he going to the HOF, you people need to get off his dick.I will remember this when he gets traded and has to do more work. If he proves me wrong, great. Also I canada goose outlet usa must admit a lot of my problem with him besides feeling like he canada goose outlet edmonton overrated is that I just think he a dickhead in general and doesn have it in him to weather the storm if things get rough. I don think he could lead canada goose outlet in uk a team.You say that, but you also said thisPeople just like seeing people act decently regardless of race.Just casually twist it on to me. And you feel decent doing that? Unbelievable. official canada goose outlet I have no idea how you came up with that, but that wow. And you just admitted Green Canada Goose Outlet is not acting decently to you. You can review it and change what was on the floor. The only thing the refs were originally supposed to review is whether or not he was in restricted area, but they changed that. Some people are arguing that Lebron twisted his torso or moved a canada goose coats uk little but either way if we are evaluating based on canada goose outlet store montreal these generic starting points then I think that Lebron was in position FIRST so that why I feel like it should been a charge.Disclaimer I canada goose parka uk not an expert in basketball, just trying to make canada goose outlet los angeles my own conclusion based on the rules I readYou are missing the point. The refs are only allowed to initiate the review if there is a question as to whether or not LeBron was in the restricted area when he took the charge. There is absolutely no possible way anyone watching that game could have thought LeBron was in the restricted area when contact was made with Durant.Regardless of whether canada goose outlet uk sale you think it was a block or a charge, it should have never been reviewed because there was absolutely no doubt as to LeBron being outside the restricted area. canada goose jacket outlet uk You don see refs reviewing 3 pointers when players are standing 2 3 feet behind canada goose outlet uk the line. I not fixated on the slo mo. It is blatantly obvious at game speed that LeBron was outside the restricted area. It wasn even close. He was more than a foot outside it. It not even like the ref had an obstructed canada goose victoria parka outlet view.You want to argue that it was a block, that fine. Highly subjective in that regard. Like Warriors canada goose outlet parka haters in a nutshell. Blowing things up and making it like every team against the Warriors are babies and needs to be more taking care of or handicapped. Calls it refs and rigged first thing. But like the imaginary refs you create, you blind to the no calls and wrong calls and dirty plays against the Warriors with your hate glasses on. That why Draymond canada goose outlet seattle is who he canada goose vest outlet is. Because they canada goose kensington parka uk disrespected him and continue to do so. I loved the review because it simply shows it was a canada goose stockists uk blocking. I don care about your subjective objectivity canada goose outlet mall rules shmools fools. The review was a big middle finger to you. If the offensive was held, you wouldn defend a wrong call on the Warriors.I love it cause with all the hate, Warriors are the underdogs. And we keep winning.”The way you generalize and exaggerate things so much makes you really hard to take seriously. Like Warriors haters in a nutshell.”.

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